Mt Alexander College – Flemington

Dear Challenge organizers and sponsors,

Mount Alexander College in Flemington sent a small team too this Challenge last year. We were thrilled to be one of the lucky recipients of a $1000 fund and just wanted to let organizers sponsors and others involved in this terrific event how the money has improved the chess program at our college.

A chess program has run for 22 years now at Mount Alexander College and chess is popular at the college but given that many of our students hail from low income or refugee backgrounds in the past it has not been possible for them to pay for formal chess lessons.

This in turn meant that they have lacked the requisite knowledge and confidence to attend the local inter school tournament on offer.

Since receiving the $1000 we have presented 4 chess lessons with qualified coach including one Chess for Beginners class which 24 students who had never played chess before learnt the basics. The college has also participated in 4 inter school tournaments with another one coming up and is now alive and well on the local chess scene.

This formal promotion of the chess program would not have been possible without the generous funding we received from the 2015 Chess Challenge.

We are here to say to all schools who are applying for funding this year that this money is a very good thing and it can go a long way in some great directions.

Clare Mendes
On behalf of Mount Alexander College, Flemington.


Dear Kevin

Our school received a grant of $1 000.00 last year at the Mt Alexander Chess Challenge. I received a letter from you asking how the money has been used to promote Chess in the school. We have been able to procure the services of Northern Star Chess who came to our school at the beginning of the year and set up a House Chess competition with all of our Year 7 students. This was particularly appropriate as we have a large intake at Year 7 and many of our girls have never played Chess before, so it has enabled us to encourage the girls to join our weekly Chess Club. The grant we received has been used to off-set some of the cost of the Chess Day.

Hopefully I will be able to organise a group to enter this year’s competition.

Kind regards

Trish Leigh


Hi Kevin,

My name is Matthew Angove. I am the chess coordinator (unfortunately not my official title) at St Joseph’s.
Regarding your letter enquiring about how the funds were used at our school we put these funds towards the purchase of the following:
20 x tournament chess sets
20 x chess clocks
These have been used frequently at our school, and are also planned to be used for a small chess tournament between our local schools.
I run an internal chess program at school that runs weekly. These sets are also used during this time.
I’ll go looking through our archives for publications in our school newsletter.
We will be very keen to attend the chess challenge again this year.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Angove
Hi Kevin,
You sent a letter asking for how we used the $500 in prize money after the Mount Alexander Chess Challenge 2015.
We used the money to buy the School Chess Club new chess timers. The ones we had were no longer working and were in disrepair to the point we were not using them anymore. With the $500 we have bought 7 new timers and 10 chess zip bags to place the chess pieces in and so we are able to no longer have pieces missing. This has made the chess club meeting more efficient. We are keen to again participate in this years tournament.
Again this gives me an opportunity to thank you for your generosity giving us this great opportunity to enhance chess at our school.
You also asked for publicity.
I hope this link will take you to our school website that gives an article about our participation in the Chess Challenge