***RESULTS 2015***

Division 1
1st- Candlebark A
2nd- Winters Flat A
3rd- Winters Flat B
Division 2
1st- St. Kilda P.S A
2nd- Riddels Creek P.S A
3rd- Riddels Creek P.S B
Division 1
1st- Candlebark B
2nd- Fintona
3rd- Candlebark A
Division 2
1st – Melboune High School
2nd- St. Ignatious College
3rd- St. Bernards A


$1,000 Olivet Christian College

$1,000 St Marys Primary School

$1,000 St Augustines Primary School

$1,000 Camp Hill Primary School

$1,000 Mt Alexander College- Flemington

$1,000 Eaglehawk North Primary School

$1,000 St Josephs College Echuca

$1,000 Shared:   $500 Kurunjang Secondary College, and $500 Melton Secondary College


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